Occupational Health and Safety

Environmental Public Health Division

The Occupational Health Program is devoted to improving worker health and safety through:
  • Identifying and evaluating workplace hazards
  • Providing technical assistance to others to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses

OHS Topics


  • Can I file a complaint against my employer and remain anonymous? 
    Yes; however a point of contact would be helpful in case our office needs more detailed information.
  • Will the employer be fined? 
    Generally no.  Once the complaint is investigated and confirmed a document is issued to the employer detailing the work conditions and listing recommended control measure to correct the condition.
  • Do you notify the employer before arriving? 
    Yes.  Prior contact is necessary to ensure appropriate personnel are on site to allow access to all areas of the worksite and answer any technical questions that may arise during the investigation
  • Can I get a copy of the report? 
    All documents are filed at our office
  • Do you check back to make sure the conditions have been corrected? 
    Conditions imminently dangerous to individual health and safety generally require a follow-up investigation.




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